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TEST - Date 04/23/2018


Leaking in the Clubhouse - Date 04/23/2018


Final Four, Who ya got! - Date 03/30/2016

We say Tarheels!

Plan Ahead for Valentines Day: Order Flowers Through Us! - Date 01/20/2016

Are you a last minute Valentine? Do you need a personal romance assistant? Cityview Towers is here to help. Now through February 7, we're taking orders for flowers, to be delivered to the clubhouse on February 14. You can pick them up on your way to work that morning, or on your way home that night. Flowers are provided through Gingerbread Florist, and cost $19.00 for a dozen roses or $12.00 for a mixed bouquet. Stop by the office for more details or to place your order.

Pumpkin Festival October 10 & 11 - Date 10/06/2015

Briarberry Farm, just a scenic 10 mile drive from Cityview Towers, is hosting a free pumpkin festival this weekend. Get your pumpkin for the fall, take a hayride, and sip some apple cider. We have $2.00 off coupons that you can apply toward a pumpkin purchase of $5.00 or more. Stop by the office to pick yours up today.

Food & Wine Festival This Weekend - Date 08/14/2015

Downtown Tonopah is having a food & wine festival this weekend from 11 am to 8pm Saturday and from 1pm - 6pm Sunday. Just blocks from Cityview Towers, this is a great event...and you won't even have to drive home after the wine tasting.

Are you Colonel Mustard? - Date 07/30/2015

National Mustard Day – August 1 There’s a holiday for just about everything these days, and this Saturday is National Mustard Day! You guessed it; we’ll be celebrating with hot dogs and soft pretzels plus five different kinds of mustard (a little ketchup too) by the Cityview Towers pool from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Saturday August 1st. Come join us…and have a Happy Mustard Day!

New Dinner Menu at Three Muses - Date 07/29/2015

Have you tried the new dinner menu at Three Muses? If not, you're in for a treat! From their portobello pizza to their butternut squash bruschetta, there are many tasty new dishes waiting to impress you...all just .5 miles from Cityview Towers.

Dog (and Cat) Days of Summer - Date 07/15/2015

They say we're in the "dog days" of summer. Sounds great, if you're a dog! We'll even add cats to the mix. Cityview Towers is happy to celebrate our four-legged residents, now through the end of August. Stop by the leasing office each Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. for "yappy hour," where we'll have special treats for your furry family. Bowls of water too, of course. And yes, we'll have a few people treats too.

Red, White & Blue Pops! - Date 06/30/2015

patriotic pops at Cityview Towers apartments

Every American childhood includes memories of those red, white, and blue popsicles.  We at them on Independence day, and throughout the summer, and we laughed at each other as we watched our tongues turn colors from the cold refreshing treat.  This July 4th, we bringing that memory back to life.  Join us for a day of sun and fun at the Cityview Towers pool, where we will be passing out the patriotic pops at 2, 3, and 4pm.  Residents and guests alike are invited to join the fun.